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It’s a Great Day to RACE

One of the races I attended in 2018 was Glory Daze event at Maple Grove Dragway in Reading, Pa. In my coverage for NDW, I commented that the event was as close to a national event as you can get for the large variety of cars that were there. There were funny cars, gassers, altered, and a seemingly large gathering of front engine dragsters.

Arriving early that day, I go directly to the pits to shoot the cars and teams as they prepare for the event. I did notice a few (at that early time in the day) front engine dragsters. “Cool!” I thought. When I went to the line to start shooting the event, all manner of cars were running in time trials, and among them were these FEDs. When the event got underway, it seemed that these FEDs were always either in the staging lanes or at the line ready to go. Who are these guys?

Later, I learned they were part of a group called “East Coast Fuelers”. Now I’d seen some of these cars at previous events but they were running on 7.0 indexes.  Now they’re in a group. The group was started by Jim Cummings in 2017. Jim was running an injected FED but noted that blown cars get more attention. Fans senses shift into high gear when blower cars come to the line. A light bulb went on and a group was formed.

Front spoiler says it all

There are about 12 members currently in the group. Rules are pretty simple; 1) “Must have fun” and 2) “Run watcha brung and hope you brung enough”.  More serious rules can be seen at their website The group runs their show Chicago style; 2 elimination rounds with the two quickest E Ts going to the final. Winner gets “Bragging Rights” till the next event.

Some of the members include;

Jim Cummings (founder) who started racing at Westhampton Drag Strip (LI NY) with a door car. 1980 saw a 145” Garlits chassied FED with a 440 Chrysler and a power glide.  An old B/FD came next. Jim’s current car is called “Seconds of Pleasure” and has an Ed Mabry chassis that was at first injected but is now blown. With a whole lot more to come, Jim’s best times are 7.61/169mph.

Jim Cumming’s “Seconds of Pleasure” launches

Tim Steed/Todd Berube- SBS Racing with Tim driving a blown SBC on alky. Tim also runs the 7.0 Series at New England Dragway (Epping, NH) and has won 3 events so far. His best times are 6.93/190mph. Tim formerly drove the famous “Mr. Boston “ AA/FD (both old and new (stalgia).

Tim Steed’s SBS Racing FED at the hit

William Masiello has an orange and blue striped FED with an injected SBC on 20% nitro. William has been racing since 1969 with a variety of dragsters from injected to blown. Best times are 7.11/186mph.

William Masiello’s injected FED has 20% pop in the tank

Eddie Bliss runs the “River Rat” FED. He’s been running FEDs since 1984. The “Rat” has a 548 BBC with an 8-71 huffer.

Eddie Bliss’ “River Rat” lifts the front end at the hit

Mike Giovinazzo of Chester, Pa runs the “Patriot Missile” FED It has a 1969 SPE Chassis with a blown 383 SBC. Best times are 7.45/180mph.

Mike Giovinazzo’s “Patriot Missile” at the green

Other cars include; Bruce Hacker’s “Revolution”, Charlie Benson’s yellow “Bad Boys Racing “ digger, Jeff Lawrence’s “Black Diamond”, Don Landis’ “Psycho Nut” currently driven by Paul Spotts with Don slated to drive this year, and newcomer Tim Spoerl.

Bruce Hacker’s “Revolution” boils em

Charlie Benson’s “Bad Boys Racing” fueler coming out of the water box

Jeff Lawrence’s “Black Diamond” puts forth a smoky burnout

Don Landis “Psycho Nut”

East Coast Fuelers current sponsors include S&W Race Cars and Competition Products.

Catch the group at the following events for2019:

April 27- Virginia Motorsports Park

June 1- New England Dragway, Epping N H

June 8- Cecil County Dragway in Maryland

August 17- Glory Daze- Maple Grove, Reading Pa

Sept (TBA) - Dover Drags- Lebanon Valley N Y

The group is always looking for bookings and they can be reached at their or call Jim at 908-612-0548.

NOSTALGIA DRAG WORLD - Words and photos by Ted Pappacena

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